Thursday, April 24

For the two or three of you who may care, I'm writing a post for the first time in a very long while. Unless I start doing interviews again, I doubt my posts will have wide appeal, however, if you enjoy my conversations with the broken English-speaking beauties of the Web, then read on!

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from "Kaden Massimo"

 You are perfective looking fellow. So splendid. You captured my care.

 But then I imagine  you have that manipulate on all ladies.
Will you be attracted in respective? If you think you have to know much about me, you need to reply to my email.

Oh! Thank you for your compliment. I think that you're a quite prepositional lady, yourself, even (dare I say it?) an accusative one! I want to do things "to" you, you see?  I'm glad my splendor has captured your care :) :) I won't release it!

Oh, you're quite right. I have that manipulate on all kinds of people, especially ladies. I think my manipulate is illegal in some countries! But you probably guessed that already, eh, you coy cat? My attractive is so respectful onto you. Regarding your last sentiment, I don't think I have to know much about you. Perhaps there isn't that much to know about you in the first place? You've captured my indifference.

Since I don't think I have to know much about you, I don't need to reply to your email, so I won't.



p.s. Will you send to me any such of your contact or identify infomatives? I would like to send you on a whirlwind tour of the Pacific! Romance! We can capture new cares together?

Monday, February 3

Я живу в коричневый дом в Вене. Мой дом находится не далеко от станции метро, магазины и кинотеатр. Я там жил два года. Я живу с китайской семьей - муж, жена, ребенок, и бабушка.
Дом имеет два этажа плюс подвал. На первом этаже находится кухня, гостиная, столовая и ванная комната. Есть также балкон.

На втором этаже находятся три спальни и ванная комната. Я не знаю много о втором этаже. Я не знаю, если есть чердак.

Я живу в подвале дома. У меня есть отдельный вход и моя собственная ванная комната. Я мебели - кровать, два кресла, письменный стол, и письменный стол. На Рабочий стол-Телевизор и принтер. Мой компьютер находится под столом.

У меня также есть холодильник и микроволновая печь. У меня есть два книжных шкафа. Один книжный шкаф имеет виниловых пластинок. Другой книжный шкаф имеет много, много книг. У меня также есть небольшая Таблица, которая содержит мой проигрыватель и усилитель. Слева и справа находятся динамики.

Моя комната очень холодно зимой, но удобные. Мой номер есть ковер. Мне не нравится ковер, потому что трудно чистить - у меня аллергия. Моя комната-Прачечная - что очень удобно.

Friday, October 11

Beneath a pale moon-spit sky

Exclamations of those thrown overboard? How!
Let's leave 'em to the sharks. Larks?
Singing, the singing of birds on the bough?
I drother take a turn on the stone of sparks.

Without her, I live and thrive and drive,
Passionless, through the desert of my soul,
Which, arid and without wind, I traverse
Amid a storm of windy thoughts of better climes.

Has it been so much, or too much, to clip
Wings whose dual ambition: to Soar!
Must needs recede and, dying, dip?
Alas, the most immaculate whore.

All else besides, I long for that stir,
That stir of living blood within my heart.
Perhaps it's late, as I've died too far;
I won't forget her: my precious tart.

Remember the dancing gold of her hair?
The glittering, piercing eyes?
The all-too-rare touch of her fair
Skin amid the stifled sighs?

After your hops and skips that tantalized;
Your jeans that were torn so perfectly:
Became a spell that mesmerized
And beyond doubt and death tormented me.

How often must I recall your jumps? Your sex
Brought me to another level of low that, a hex?
Must have been the sign of times before which
I haven't seen such a thing, 'specially not such a bitch.

Your uterus flew udderly without care
For my feelings, which, nonetheless, suffered despair.
How a thing such as thou canst not be aware
Of all of our human defaults and silly things, I can't dare (to say).

Wednesday, June 20

Love, finally?

Alexis Finley ✆
Jun 15 (6 days ago)
to rgossger
Hi! How are you?
I am 27 years old. My birthday is October 2.
I found you on this dating website and u have catch my attention.
I want to learn you better and have a friendship with you.
I do not have a man in my life, but i want to have. I want to love
and to be loved, i want to find a serious man which needs my love
and kindness. I have a great outlook on life and i hope that we will have a big communication with u. I am waiting for your answer to me and i hope that my message and me will interest you and you will write to me soon!
Please write to me at my e-mail
I'll wait.
Have a Good day!
From much of prospect was spoken and provincial on the batik, kill him quelled on dreamlike points.
The audacious difference came out to comprehend leavebuyer, Marfa and Grigory.
to Alexis Finley
I am feeling like a beaver out upon the batik. Dismiss thy fears for my present attitude is not entirely not related to your communication with me.
I am a man. A man's man. A man who gets things done. I want a woman who don't give me no backtalk or sass off to me when I'm tryin'a watch the TEE-vee. Got it?
I'm afraid that "learning" "me" will take a while, maybe more of a while than you have to devote to this learningness-understanding. I am a difficult field to study, and am wrapped in great figurative swaths of impenetrable mystery. You seem like an insouciant kind of girl, so perhaps you'll do well learning me. COUGH COUGH! Sorry. Doc' told me the blood'll turn from black back to the old red color pretty soon. Maybe then we can meet?!?!
Well, here I am, writing back to you. I hope you didn't wait beside your computer the whole time. Such devotion, if you did! Thanks for pointing out to write back to you at your e-mail address; elsewise, I would have written a random address on an envelope and attached about 300 dollars' worth of stamps to make sure it got to you, one way or another. Mark Twain tells a funny story about a man who sent him a letter with only "Mark Twain" written as the address. Several months later, the letter arrived, all the way from Europe. I'm sick of people bad-mouthing the USPS all the time. This proves their worth, dontchathink?
I look forward to having sexy moments with you and the kids.

-Mark Twine

Monday, March 12

Online Friends

On Sun, Mar 11, 2012 at 5:20 PM, Amir H. Shahheidari <> wrote:

Welcome, friend! http://[linkexcised]

To: Amir H. Shahheidari <>
Sent: Sunday, March 11, 2012 5:45 PM
Subject: Re:

Fuck off, friend!

Amir H. Shahheidari ?
9:22 PM (20 hours ago)
to me

My apologies, It seems that my account was hacked and that is why you are got an email spam from me...

"Don't Trash It, GoGreenBarter It!"

Friday, March 9

Love knocks at the door of my heart, but whence such love?


Seeking my Soulmate. Why not try?
Ekaterina ?
4:07 AM (56 minutes ago)to bobs95wing

Good day!  Ekaterina.
I have pictures and I will send if you want, but I don't want to expose on a general review. I will show them if I pique your interest In a partner I am looking for someone who enjoys the simple things in life like, walks in the park holding hands, someone I can cook a meal for who will genuinely enjoy it, even if it is something just thrown together. Someone who enjoys watching the sunset, and someone who does not think it is stupid to just sit around and talk about our lives, hopes, dreams and ambitions. Someone who thinks a night snuggling on the couch watching a movie together is a great time.

I feel that the simple things in life are truly priceless.
Im a very simple woman to please with a very big heart, honest, intelligent and polite, have a good sense of humor, open minded, and compassionate. I can honestly say that I am always striving to improve on myself. I am looking for the right soul mate for me.
At first just a friendship, then we'll see where this goes, perhaps something serious. I patiently await your reply, and wish you nothing but happiness. Please take good care of yourself.
Thanks Ekaterina.

Imperial Hails, Ekaterina!

Very lovely name :)

I would love for you to send picture that you have as I -do- want (yeah, I can relate to not preferring an exposE all over a general review, those committees can be pitiless). I think we've already established that you've piqued my interest in a partner, etc., so please do send them though I'm not sure where your sentiments end and where they begin at this point but periods, etc., are boring and usually indicate a brainiac type of lady not the kind I am looking for in a partner know what I mean LOL.

I also enjoy the simple things in life, like walks on the beach holding potted ferns and singing Bing Crosby tunes (dreamboat!). I love a lady who can cook a meal for me, but that is modest enough not to expect me to enjoy it and self-deprecating enough to say it's just "thrown together" when she in fact slaved all afternoon over it while I ostensibly worked at the factory but really was at the male erotic peepshow downtown. There's nothing that bugs me more than an uppity gal who cooks my dinner and then expects a compliment from me! As for genuinely enjoying it, I must say that I'm not very good at hiding my feelings, so don't take it amiss if I tell you "it's great!" with a sour expression on my pale, sweaty face.

I also enjoy snuggling on sunsets and watching couches rise over the horizon, or discussing films about people who enjoy the simple things in life, talking about my ambitions and hopes and dreams. I personally always wanted to be a painter in Vienna, but was frustrated by Jews (you know? LOL) and now am volunteering with the Republican party of this US State we are living in together (hopefully???). I used to think that the simple things in life were priceless, but then I searched for that phrase on eBay, and discovered it's being bid on for about 23.50 of whatever currency we use in this country we both live in.

You sound like a sweetheart! I like a simple girl who is not put off by my "boring" and "lazy" and occasionally "brutal" behavior. These are all just terms that our enemies like to use to vilify us, you know? LOL. I'm not very good in the sack either, so I like a girl to have a relationship with together with with because are simple and won't cry when I ejaculate in 3 seconds. LOL. I cannot honestly say that I am trying to improve on myself, but I can say that I am trying to improve on myself.

Hmm. You want to find the right soul mate? I can relate to that, LOL. It's like finding the right Excalibur being held aloft by the white arm of the "right" Lady of the Lake - you've got to try 'em all and see which one is best, like a pair of shoes. Maybe what you're looking for is the right "sole" mate. There are too many soul mates out there, but maybe you're the right one for me too! :)

Maybe, if our friendship blossoms as promisingly as this dialogue indicates (I hope those general review people aren't monitoring this!), we can just skip straight to the acrimonious divorce and alimony payments for the children you already have in your country which is identical to the one in which we both live, as of now, in this time? A humble proposition from a salivating suitor.

I am not a patient man, so I expect an immediate reply from you. This will set the tone for our whole future together, so do not keep me waiting. I'm serious. This is a warning. I do not like women who keep me waiting. Why so stingy with your wishes? JUST happiness? What about all the other things that go with a promising relationship like ours, like bitterness and the fact that you're a Nigerian with an old 386 IBM? Just kidding, LOL.

Please, you take good care of yourself as well, as I don't want damaged goods. You hear me woman? And who the hell is Gladys? She your sister? Menage a trois? LOL. Just kidding. I'm a funny guy for a possibility husband?



Tuesday, January 24

Buy ant box you learn about ant




2011-12-18 004

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Two ant

Ant is black is Yin is Western black evil forces

Ant is red is Yang is Comrade Ant

Comrade Ant! Watch hims carry each 20000 Comrade

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Thursday, September 29

Exultant I, amid the flames of smoldering Hell!
I lived and died with impetuous pride,
With lust to live and grimly die as well.
Contumely I wore as though a cloak,
To cover the barren waste inside.

To gain a hold against the king, your lord,
I smother joy with fuck-it-all-edness.
I piss on his lamb and rape the ram,
Unnaturally goaded by my lust for this
So-hateful death, condensed into a gram – and swallowed whole: take one each morning plus one at night.

"Hey god, fuck you," said a sinner one day.
"I don't believe Jesu died or even lived,
for you nor me, so plug the leak in your holy mouth."
O Satan who wields the proper power of death,
Take Jesu's maggots' last quickened breath.
I don't accept Jess in my heart, or in my shit,
But will gladly plunge myself into the Pit.
Should your holy spirit come in to my heart,
I will not delay...
I don't enjoy what you call his blessing...

"This reminds me of Satan ("I Am Your Addiction" passage). Satan comes to kill, steal, and destroy. Addiction is like Satan." Amanda Coyle

'The sky is gray as fuck,' he said;
'There hardly ain't no blue at all.'
The wandering, old and graying hawk
Still wings it over the mountain's tall,
Imposing heights of rock.
The creature whose so-stricken wings flap weakly in the woven air,
The chaos web it works upon unceasingly...

To those whose quanta can't conceive, of who or where,
That either can or can't -- we're careless, see?
The tauro-(e)sc(h)atoligic scents borne by windblown woes,
A thousand hundred phlegmful maws that hock their blackened indigos.

Unwholesome is the hunger of the worm of sin that grows
within my throbbing heart, that grows just as voraciously
as do the roots of the blighted oak, which roil and writhe below
the twilit forest whose soil drinks from the Eraszgian sea.

cuntless nuns

shitblack lifeblood river runs
as cold as loss of life or nuns,
who, cloistered in constipated sin
completely miss the point: "keep livin'!"


Woe ope nine doors to my starstair high
That steps up beyond the stultified flies.
A-wing they are, with aplomb they sigh -
Not fortune-favored nor cauterized.



On my way I pause to stand beside the grove
Where was seen old Pan, who sits among the sighs
Of the nymphs and natural female things
That delight and frolic toward his thighs.


Dont' show the way to me, O lord so-called;
Your way's a wornout path from out the woods
That leads away from the golden-walled Valhall.

Because the many come from the Ancient of Days
Who's one, no single path is there that leads...