Wednesday, June 20

Love, finally?

Alexis Finley ✆
Jun 15 (6 days ago)
to rgossger
Hi! How are you?
I am 27 years old. My birthday is October 2.
I found you on this dating website and u have catch my attention.
I want to learn you better and have a friendship with you.
I do not have a man in my life, but i want to have. I want to love
and to be loved, i want to find a serious man which needs my love
and kindness. I have a great outlook on life and i hope that we will have a big communication with u. I am waiting for your answer to me and i hope that my message and me will interest you and you will write to me soon!
Please write to me at my e-mail
I'll wait.
Have a Good day!
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The audacious difference came out to comprehend leavebuyer, Marfa and Grigory.
to Alexis Finley
I am feeling like a beaver out upon the batik. Dismiss thy fears for my present attitude is not entirely not related to your communication with me.
I am a man. A man's man. A man who gets things done. I want a woman who don't give me no backtalk or sass off to me when I'm tryin'a watch the TEE-vee. Got it?
I'm afraid that "learning" "me" will take a while, maybe more of a while than you have to devote to this learningness-understanding. I am a difficult field to study, and am wrapped in great figurative swaths of impenetrable mystery. You seem like an insouciant kind of girl, so perhaps you'll do well learning me. COUGH COUGH! Sorry. Doc' told me the blood'll turn from black back to the old red color pretty soon. Maybe then we can meet?!?!
Well, here I am, writing back to you. I hope you didn't wait beside your computer the whole time. Such devotion, if you did! Thanks for pointing out to write back to you at your e-mail address; elsewise, I would have written a random address on an envelope and attached about 300 dollars' worth of stamps to make sure it got to you, one way or another. Mark Twain tells a funny story about a man who sent him a letter with only "Mark Twain" written as the address. Several months later, the letter arrived, all the way from Europe. I'm sick of people bad-mouthing the USPS all the time. This proves their worth, dontchathink?
I look forward to having sexy moments with you and the kids.

-Mark Twine