Thursday, April 24

For the two or three of you who may care, I'm writing a post for the first time in a very long while. Unless I start doing interviews again, I doubt my posts will have wide appeal, however, if you enjoy my conversations with the broken English-speaking beauties of the Web, then read on!

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from "Kaden Massimo"

 You are perfective looking fellow. So splendid. You captured my care.

 But then I imagine  you have that manipulate on all ladies.
Will you be attracted in respective? If you think you have to know much about me, you need to reply to my email.

Oh! Thank you for your compliment. I think that you're a quite prepositional lady, yourself, even (dare I say it?) an accusative one! I want to do things "to" you, you see?  I'm glad my splendor has captured your care :) :) I won't release it!

Oh, you're quite right. I have that manipulate on all kinds of people, especially ladies. I think my manipulate is illegal in some countries! But you probably guessed that already, eh, you coy cat? My attractive is so respectful onto you. Regarding your last sentiment, I don't think I have to know much about you. Perhaps there isn't that much to know about you in the first place? You've captured my indifference.

Since I don't think I have to know much about you, I don't need to reply to your email, so I won't.



p.s. Will you send to me any such of your contact or identify infomatives? I would like to send you on a whirlwind tour of the Pacific! Romance! We can capture new cares together?