Friday, May 15

Interview with Yasuyuki

Yasuyuki Suzuki honored my silly questions with his ichiban answers. You know him from Abigail, Barbatos, Tiger Junkies and Cut-Throat, plus numerous guest appearances with a myriad of bands. I had the pleasure to buy the Welcome All Hell Fuckers EP from him when he played with Sigh at the Spotlight in Virginia in 2003 (ca.). I was in a hurry and wanted him to sign it, so I ripped the shrink-wrapping off of the case with my teeth like a starving dog, eliciting a chuckle from him. Very cool on!
Was this your first trip to the US, musically or otherwise? What did you think of the fans there? Do you agree that metal transcends national borders, bringing metalheads together under the flag of blood, blasphemy and beer? In other words, do you feel that a metalhead is a metalhead no matter what part of the world they're from?

Hails ! Yes SIGH usa tour were my first trip to usa. Sure tour was great and met many many metal headbangers. I think they were crazy. Ha ha. Many diehard fans bring the my CD's then I wrote many autograph for my stuff. Amazed. Few month later I went to usa again for ABIGAIL usa tour. Sure great shows. Everyday beer and metal !

How did you like playing with Deceased? I particularly enjoyed when Deceased brought Mirai on stage to do the vocals for their cover of Black Metal! I couldn't believe my fucking ears, or my eyes!

Yeah I really enjoyed DECEASED shows. King was very funny guy ! I remember session with King on VA show. But I think it was Die hard. No ? Maybe never played Black metal on this tour.

I love Abigail, but another project of yours is Barbatos. As a drummer, I truly enjoy your drumming on War! Speed and Power and Rocking Metal Motherfucker--the album Fury and Fear... is great too. What is the meaning of this name?

Thanks ! But I have not beat drums on the BARBATOS albums [oops! - Alky]. I used session musicians. BARBATOS is my favorite lucifer name. It's very strong !

Barbatos songs often deal with the Japanese military of WW II, with songs like We're Crazy Fighters and Zero Fighter. Who is your favorite Japanese military hero of WW II, and please tell me something about him?

Yes I'm writing lyrics about war, beer, sexual, metal. Zero fighter is my fave fighter air plane. Very strong and fit my sound. Then I respect Isoroku Yamamoto. He was boss of the japanese army.

Who the hell is Ilona, anyway?

Ilona is famous italian porno star. If you want know more, please lead BULLDOZER's "IX" album lyrics ! She is the very best !

It sounds to me like you have life figured out with "Beer! Metal! Sex!" That really does sum it up. What are your thoughts on psychedelic substances such as LSD, psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms) and mescaline (Peyote)?

I don't use drugs. Beer and sex are my medicine. I can get more ecstasy from it.

What are some of your favorite horror/gore films? Directors?

Cannibal holocaust. But I'm more into prono movies.

How about Akira Kurosawa? I love The Seven Samurai!

Yeah I love seven samurai. Also I love Takeshi Kitano too. His movies are more violence, yakuza and suicide ! Fucking dengirous.

What's a typical Friday night like for you? Do you invite Mirai over, order pizza and watch horror movies all night while listening to Venom LPs? Or do you go out to the bars and pick up as many sluts as you can find? Or both?

Some times going to rock bar or open metal party with friends. But recently are very busy for recordings and reharsal.

Abigail has an upcoming US tour. Will this be limited like the Sigh tour, or will you visit more areas of the country; and Canada?

Maybe we are going to usa tour in summer 2007. We have plan play in west and east coast, canada and Mexico. Nuclear war now ! prod will organize this tour. I can't wait.

Do you have all of your fingers? Fingertips?


What do you think about the South Korean band Sad Legend?

I have not listen this band yet.

Abigail consists of yourself, Yasunori and Youhei. What other musical projects are those two involved in?

Yasunori left the band long time ago. Youhei is beating drums on CUT THROAT and some BARBATOS traxs. Also I'm using hight school days friends for BARBATOS recordings. Jero of GORGON is playing the ABIGAIL and BARBATOS live sessions. Of course Mirai and Shinichi are still playing the CUT THRAOT with us.

Japan is well-known as the pioneer in the robotics industry. Are personal maid-type robots affordable, and if so, do you have one yet? You could program her to listen to metal while washing your dishes and wearing a French maids' outfit.

No intersting it. I'm a not manga otaku.

I know Abigail has toured Europe before--did this include stops in Germany? If so, what did you think of Deutschland, its culture and its people?

We played many times in germany. I like germany because possible drink beer everywhere. Ha ha.

Will you include a stop in Afghanistan in your tour?

I don't know. Very hard find organizer. Ha ha.


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