Tuesday, October 20

An Open Letter to EU Commissioner Stavros Dimas, Anent Hill of Tara vs. M3 Motorway

The Magus, Russley 'Proscriptor' Givens of Plano, Texas subscribed my e-mail address to the mailing list of an organization called TaraWatch. I read the notifications that were sent out by this group and learned that their reason-for-being and aim is to dissuade the powers-that-be in Ireland from constructing the M3 Motorway. This is not an anti-industrial group that seeks to rid Ireland of roads and motor-vehicles by a process of attrition, but one that seeks to prevent this particular motorway from being constructed.

The proposed M3 Motorway, when constructed, would transect the area that was once known as Tara, or the Hill of Tara, the timeless seat of the Ard Righ, or High King of Ireland. I suppose that you could compare this to constructing a nuclear fusion reactor atop the grounds of what-was-once Buckingham Palace, in the years following the thermonuclear poly-macro-genocide of life on Earth that will be the final Act in the Play: World War III--currently in pre-production.

To get to the point, the latest notice that I received from TaraWatch urged me to send an e-mail to Stavros Dimas, the EU Environment Commissioner, who apparently has some sort of sway--I'VE never heard of him, but who can say what goes on in Europe, besides unbridled orgies of debauchery, chain-smoking and inadequate shaving standards for both men and women.

Here is the message that I wrote to Mr. Dimas, which I wrote with no forethought or consideration beforehand, nor do I find especially amusing, sharp or appropriate. Well, I've wasted this much of your time, so you may as well read the message and get closure. Thus:

Dear Commissioner,

"A Hill of Tara in the hand is worth two in the bush" is an example of the hearty wisdom that my Grandfather would often impart to me. He came to the United States of America from Ireland in the beginning of the 20th century, and the ancient hearth-stone wisdom of the Irish countryside accompanied him on this seabound voyage. His descendants may thank Manannan Mac Lir--Patron of the Irish people and Lord of the Sea--who in his wat'ry wisdom granted my Grandfather safe passage across the Atlantic abyss to a New World.

I dreamed a terrible dream yesternight: a vision of a great flood upon all of Europe, just missing Ireland and the Isle of Man. I do believe in prophecy, and I see that this dream was a warning from Manannan Mac Lir himself. I understood implicitly that His Will was for me to forward this message to you, Sir, so that you may know that praeternatural beings are involved in this issue.

Sir, if you do not respond to Our plea to re-route the M3 Motorway and thus do your part to save the site of Tara from annihilation, the spirits of long-dead Irishmen will surely haunt you and yours for the remainder of your Earthly life; you might not reach the Tir na Nog either. The Hill of Tara must not be violated, for it is the seat of the High King of Eire--the Ard Righ--who is one King and many Kings throughout the dimension of Time, and we must not tamper with things that we do not fully understand!

This is no longer a matter of a mere motorway, this is about preventing a cataclysm and the subsequent atavism of all European civilization. The hourglass has been turned: now it's your turn.

Thank you Sir,


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