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Bill Zebub on Bill Zebub


What was your first real metal-related activity or production; the Grimoire..., or something antecedent?

I had a radio show on a college station. I pissed off listeners the same way I pissed off readers of the mag. I remember when Dave Mustaine's label sent out cassettes that had recordings of him answering the questions that were provided in the press release. D.J.'s were encouraged to record themselves asking questions, and then dubbing in Dave Mustaine's answers. I did that, but I made my own questions up. I asked Dave, "Are you massively gay?" and he answered, "Yes, without a doubt. And I work very hard at it." His fans were not amused, but they shouldn't have been listening to my show anyway.

I know that you continue to churn out the Grimoire (no longer the black ‘n’ white newspaper print that left smudges on my fingers), but what of your radio show? Do you still actively broadcast the show? What's the story?

I've had different kinds of radio shows over the years on various radio stations. Currently I am on every Saturday night on 91.1 FM from Midnight-3am. If you are outside of New York or New Jersey, you can hear the live stream on I am on as a character called "Professor Dumdum."

I have your Stereotypes...Don’t Just Disappear Into Thin Air and Bad Acid DVDs, as well as your first Black Metal Documentary video, but am not always sure where to get your stuff. Is there a single place to find your videos, perhaps a Bill Zebub Foundation or Institute, or must I hunt them piecemeal?

Sometimes the movies are in big chains, like Coconuts and FYE, but they eventually get banned. you can pretty much go into any Best Buy and tell a clerk what you want, and the clerk will say that it's available on the Best Buy site, but if you order it in the store you get free shipping, or something like that. Netflix has a lot of my movies. The best bet is to Google the hell out of me.

Your interviews for the Grimoire... are generally amusing because of the tone you set from the start, not to mention the frivolously altered band pictures that you include. However, your churlish and puerile questions wear thin quickly, leaving the reader obfuscated by your unenlightening questions. Why do you waste so much of your time wasting others’ time?

It's interesting how you generalize your own reaction to the entire population. I know that others think like you, but I don't care about that segment of readers. People with good reading-comprehension understand that the questions that may appear insipid actually give you the real personality of the artist being interviewed. While YOU may ask, "what are your influences?" and get a weary answer that means nothing even though it seems like you are getting informative replies, my questions give you the soul. To quote the god Dionyses, when he was told that he made no sense, "WHAT MAKES NO SENSE IS TALKING SENSE TO A FOOL"

Alcoholocaust Deniers Readership Question - Oleg, of Brown University in Rhode Island, writes: Bill Zebub, what is your real name?
I can cash checks made out to "Bill Zebub" so that is my real name.

I read some non-entity’s review of your Stereotypes..., where he/she/it unleashed a moral rant, alleging, for instance, that your film was a “thinly-disguised propaganda film of the American far-right underground.” Do you think this mental midget just missed the opening disclaimer read by the guy with all the piercings, or that this person is just one of the typical American slobs that can’t think for themselves, but only react passively to external stimuli, enclosed as they are in their solipsistic religio-moral microcosm?

The fool was just typical of the brainwashing - these days people are trained to have a knee-jerk reaction to certain words, images, ideas, et cetera. That doesn't make you a moral person. A moral person weighs decisions after contemplation. I don't really care about those ignorant reviewers. It's just so funny to see how smart they think they are when in reality they are just showing their massive gayness. Anyway, I discovered, through the Grimoire, that people remember the insulting reviews, and that those nasty reviews actually sell more copies! I've noticed that in my own realm. The movies that get the highest praise sell the least, and the ones that get ratings like 1-out-of-10 sell astoundingly. I even started to make fake accounts on message boards and wrote ani-Billzebub threads. That stuff really works, believe it or not.
King Diamond has regularly appeared in your Grimoire..., and sporadically on your videos, e.g., following the credits of Bad Acid. How long have you been infatuated with King Diamond, and have you yet realized your elaborate fantasy involving King Diamond and Peter Steele having their way with your sequined person, set to the theme of the Christian Woman video?

I believe your question betrays your own fantasy about a threesome. My fantasies do not involve males.

What are your thoughts on the last releases by Absu and Beherit respectively? I ask because these are my two favorite bands. Also, feel free to comment on any other aspect of the Absu or Beherit histories.

I have never heard those bands. If I did hear them, it wasn't on purpose. I interviewed the drummer from Absu for my forthcoming BLACK METAL: THE MUSIC OF SATAN documentary. I recorded some live clips of their show, but I have absu-lutely no memory of it. Get it? I said ABSU,,,,,-lutely.

Briefly, or prolix if you prefer, tell me your thoughts on Christianity, and also on religion in general, or Religion at Large?

When I first began my exploration into the true origins of christianity, I started wondering about the falsity of other religions as well. I didn't have as much interest in other religions because I didn't feel that they really mattered. They didn't cause problems the way christians tend to. Well, things changed over the years and now moslems are causing problems. But the question remained - why do people believe in any deity or religion. As I pondered it I put forth a guess that maybe it's part of our brain wiring. Coincidentally I was studying the foundations of personality and I read some of Carl Jung's ideas. Not long after that I was exposed to MANY scientific explorations into the phenomenon. I will very soon have an article on about my findings. Bear in mind that no such information is conclusive, but it's very interesting. I've been totally addicted to buying all the books by Richard Dawkins. You might like to check out "The God Delusion."

Finally, have you managed to get approval for Welfare, and if so, have you been able to move out of your mother’s house, or at least upgrade to an eight-speed bicycle?

Who knows? Maybe I will be on welfare in the future. Or some kind of thing like that, ha ha. I was just thinking to myself that even if I had a million dollars I would never buy a luxury car. I have a strange curse with cars. The very first day that I buy a new car results in some kind of really stupid cosmetic damage, and after that at least one can of soda explodes inside. The last time I went to Canada, the border agents swabbed my ceiling because they thought the dried up soda was blood from a shotgun blast. I know that some people might think that I am a psycho when they see what my car looks like - it always requires a speech when I pick up an actress for the first time. I swear that I am not a lunatic and that I just don't have time to clean the car. If you saw it you might expect my car to be the only vehicle in the world that has cockroaches and mice. I like to think of that as "personality." When a girl overcomes her revulsion, then that means that she is the one for me, ha ha.

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