Wednesday, July 28

Post #95

Everyone's ninetyfifth instance of a phenomenon is a momentous one, of more import than any decimal milestone. Thus, I nod my head to the goddesses who watch over the chained Fates, keeping the latter's whims in check.
So, do I have a momentous announcement for this momentous first 95th post? No, but I hasten to remark that my nonsense is gradually reaching the peak!

Hark! I am approaching you from afar,
My silhouette framed with light solar.
I crawl, seeking my birthright,
I walk, forthright,
I run, agallop with speed dighted.
What was that last one, you ask?
I think you've just set yourself a task,
To search your lexicon for that word,
to cut the ambiguity with reason's sword.
Let me and I will provide the hint,
I will be the sign and the glint
Of said sword as it shines,
the pnemonic sword that's mine.
We only get such a small bit of time
That we shouldn't waste it on rhyme
When we can speak our minds in plain,
Without fear or awe or pain.
I will return to the start
and recapitulate before I depart:
I won't tell you the meaning of a word
If you won't bother to look up what you've heard.

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