Monday, July 26

Washington, D.C.

scruffnecked gruff old beggars,
crazy fishwomen with mysterious dead husbands,
prophesyers, sayers crazy and semisane --
this micro-megalopolis is my home.
beersoaked perverts and dancers undighted,
hecklers and hawkers and hookers all benighted
who comprise this shameful city,
where any good deed goes unrequited.
i sometimes wonder about the state of things
in the world when i see a poor man beg
a penny of a scornful man suitclad, a darkling
glower for any beneath his esteem or reckoning.
This city is my heaven and my hell.
Heavy equipment operators and dock workers,
lawyers and politicians cheating on their wives
or boyfriends with their secrataries.
illiterate and unlearning masses of morons --
this mega-micropolis is no home for anyone.

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