Tuesday, December 7

Antifreeze Waterlillies

Gelid wind dances across the lake's surface,
A clear and sparkling lake
In a greenwooded mountain valley.
At the chill touch of the wind
Ripples flee rolling from the center
Searching for the dry shore,
Or the end of the world.
Drainage pipes pendent hang over the edge,
Secreted steel tubes encroaching
Into Nature's realm from Man's,
A plastic world past the vale.
They pour cool emerald fluid -
But it was green before...
The light bounces off of the tall trees,
Green and bright reflections on the water.
A frog's enthroned upon a lilypad
Of congelated antifreeze and insect waste,
An acrid alloy of preserved offal.
Pungent vapors rise high, so high
They make God faint on his cloud -
That's not rain, it's tears.
The planet's a mechanical marvel, manmade,
Innervated with steel veins,
And this lake's just another coolant tank
To keep the veins from bursting.
Ignis Terrae - and craters erupt!
There's a plume of astral exhaust
As we direct Earth for space travel.
All resources will be used for this journey...

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