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Interview with Mezzadurus of Blood Storm - Philly, Pennsylvania, USA

Where did you find, or how did you decide upon, the name Blood Storm for your musical entity? While you’re at it, please tell me the same about your own moniker, Mezzadurus, and those of your Sirian musical counterparts and comrades in sonic tormenting battle.

Blood Storm was created out my love for extreme and occult metal music. The soul of the Blood Storm concepts has everything to do based on obscure occult studies. I just felt that the band name should be of pure raw, and extreme dark aggressive influences. It covers all the vast and plentyful experiences that the occult has teached, and passes on from our evolving and mysterious universe. The name Mezzadurus is my Maatian magical mannikin. It's my mathimatical mind of 'god'. It's myself formed from primal nothingness.

The Lovecraft mythos seems to hold a place of importance in your lyrical themes. What is the appeal of his writings and mythos; and did he write the Necronomicon?

No. Lovecraft didn't write the the 'real' Necronomicon. H.P. Lovecraft is responsible for making the Necronomicon mythos popular! No doubt about it! From what I can remember reading about his writings. It was his way of dealing with the strang and nightmarish terror that has driven him over the edge. His father was involved with the Egyptian freemasons, very heavily too, Howards father kept it hidden away, but Howard stumbled across his writing, and someway, he unlocked 'THINGS' into his mind. Howards way of dealing with his terror was to write it into fiction. It makes sense to. The real Necronomicon is the Al Azif. Written in acient Duriac.The 'Book' has seen different translations throughout history. it was also known as 'the black letter' at one time. I tend to believe that the Necronomicon is a few seperated works of occult writings and research. I did read one time that some monks ;in Germany I believe, experimented with isolation periods to translate the 'Necronomicon' and all the reports ended up being documented that the monks would give out some terrible and inhuman screams. Then once others came to the rescue, all they would find in the isolation room is A sickly amount of ghoulish bloodsoaked smears. No other trace of the monks was ever found (???) intersting.............. It's more of the occult works of Kenneth Grant, Robert Temple, Alice A. Bailey, and Michael Bertiaux, and other related works and writings that surround the Qliphoth and the histories of ancient civilizations. Sumarian and Babalonian. In the occult there are endless discoveries to research, breakdown, creat, and experience. I live it all to the best I can do in this life. It's the constant rediscovery of the evolving universe that always inspires me to write and creat extreme occult metal music!

I spent a summer in Philly once, and enjoyed it very much, the downtown and the surrounding areas, with woods to be found for those who sought them. I saw a couple of mediocre shows at the Trocadero and some good local, underground shows at various places. A co-worker of mine at the time, Pat, turned out to be the drummer for a band called the Woodsmen Militia. Have you ever heard of these guys? They hail from Cherry Hill but operate in Philly, or so Pat told me. The band played a pretty straight-forward, alcoholic punk style, nothing out of the ordinary; but the singer was literally insane. He was inspired by G.G. Allin and did a very good job of emulating him. While ‘performing,’ with microphone in hand, he: crawled over the bar, taking a bar stool and using it to sweep all of the customers’ drinks from the bar, then throwing the stool at the small crowd watching; climbed up onto the rafters and spit all over the crowd; tried to light my hair on fire; and generally picked fights with the poor saps who paid to see this band! If you’ve never heard of them, be on the lookout for them, go see them, but bring a knife. Ring a bell?

No I haven't heard of Woodsmen Militia. G.G. Allen is A freak to watch on video!

Following up the last question, tell me about the Philly metal scene in general, as my experience was brief and limited to mostly punk shows. I know it must be there and strong, because the records shops are great! I found some incredible, and rare, LPs and CDs at some of the used shops downtown. I have sometimes made trips there for the express and sole purpose of visiting those shops (from D.C.). What metal bands of note hail from Philly, besides the primordial terror of Blood Storm?

Philadelpia is my home. Like any other city it's full of highs and lows I guess. Cheese steaks are the cities pride no question about that! Philly always had A punk scene. I don't follow it really, but it's part of the cities history for sure. I love south street. It's A nice time to get out there sometimes. South strret is the place to get metal, punk, and hardcore albums in the city. As far as bands in the city there is not much for metal bands, but Goreaphobia (my other band), Perversaraph, Dominance, T.O.M.B. ( black experimental noise), Ivasive Commmand, Darkest Grove, to name A few on my mind. there's heaps and loads of punk bands for sure! I just don't know any off hand now.

Who are some of the artists and visionaries who have breathed winds of thought into the sails of your mind? Specifically, artists in the fields of Music, Literature and Film. Also, in particular I would like to know what you think of Robert Anton Wilson. I am a huge fan, and he’s covered so many topics that may be of interest to you that I’m confident you are familiar with him.

For my musical inspirations there are many to anem. But there are A few that have the most depth insideme and they are Celtic Frost/Hellhammer, Voi Vod, Necrovore, Pentagram (chile), Incubus (Florida), Nocturnus, Venom, Motorhead!!! I'll be here all day making out A list of metal bands so I'll freeze that here. The next obvious and even deeper inspiration to me is the occult writings, and teachings throughout our time here on Earth. The eariler mentioned occult writers/masters have been A great growth experience for me in all aspects of my life. As for films, well, films are not really any influence on the music of Blood Storm. However, I really love Mad Max/Road Warrior, Conan, Excalibur, The Warriors!!! Intense visuals in all those pictures! Great stories! I know of Robert Anton Wilson, absolutely. I don't have any of his work in my possession though. I have heard his name mentioned more after his passing away. I'm very interested in his work, and need to investigate it!

What is the current line-up of Blood Storm? What other projects are you and the others involved in? Also, in particular I want to know about Darkest Grove, which I am very curious about, and intend to order some material of. The perpetrator is known as Devoid Being—is this a play on the name of David Bowie? What do you guys have against the Thin White Duke?

The 2009 lineup is Deyaxulgaat - bass, MacCrionna - drums, and myself Mezzadurus - guitars/vocals. Deyaxulgaat plays in another band called Witness To The End, MacCrionna has A solo project called Darkest Grove, and I also do Goreaphobia.Well, ok........ I don't get the David Bowie connection, but whatever...... I never thought about it at all??? You'd have to ask him yourself really. As for 'thin white duke'??? I have no idea who that is??? Is that A person, place, or thing???

In an expository nutshell, tell me about Nibiru, Sirius and the year 2012. What are the implications for the future of mankind, as well as for that of your music?

In Summarian teachings Nibiru is the 12th planet in our solar system. It is the home of the Nefilim, the Anunnaki. It is also called Marduk, and the 'place of crossing'. It is said to have an orbit of 3,600 years to return near the sun and be seen with the human eye again. Read the Earth chronicals by Zecharia Sitchin for details. I could be all night with this stuff. People should really research things on their own and see what concusions they come to themselves. Read the 'Sirius Mystery' by Robert Temple. This book will point you to some intersting subjects on the Sirian influence too!!! 2012 in the end of the Mayan calender. We'll see what happens then I guess. I'm optimistic about that year in all seriousness. I basically believe universal thought will change. Think of the tower card in the tarot deck. It will be good for some and very bad for others. My music will travel as my magical mannikin within the Sirian current. The passage of the silver star. I wish to grow and expand musically, emotionally, and artisticly by 2012.

Have you seen Zeitgeist, the movies, both? I was introduced to this documentary film back in ’06 (I seem to recall), and was truly hooked as I was watching it. The first part, revealing the all-too-familiar attributes of Christianity in juxtaposition with Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Mithraism, Zoroastrianism, et caetera, well, I enjoyed watching this first part because it was such a well-compiled and clear documentation of these similitudes. I had had notions about these aspects of religion(s) already, but to see it presented so competently through multimedia was great. Of course, the general premise of the complete film, as well as the individual parts, is quite provocative. I tend to be skeptical of everything, especially when I don’t seem to be skeptical enough about a thing, so I am still analyzing my impressions. Nonetheless, what are your impressions about Zeitgeist, presuming, of course, that you have seen it?

No I have not seen the films. I always viewed religions as crazy double talk. It's just A way to control and condition the peoples of the world. Men made it up. And as humans are we are flawed. So I see religion as flawed. I have personal belief's and the way I view the world and how we are connected to the universe. It A nice life long journey. I believe in keeping the view of things (religion) to ones self, and never have to answer to any other person in this world for anything that the heart and mind my think and feel about thier own mortallity, and going back to the universe, or whatever one chooses to call passing beyond the physical realm of consciousness. Respect of ones own belief, and giving the universe it natural corrispondeance is the only thing that should really matter. Fuck the bullshit of holywars, and send us your money to be saved, and all the primative, mojo, sin and guilt stick that poison our everyday life of truth and peace of mind! Religion is helpless conditioning!!! George Carlin's got it right! Hahaha!!!

I don’t remember which, nor do I have the booklets handy (I’m in an odd sort of place right now), but in either the Atlantean Wardragon or the Pestilence from the Dragonstar booklet, the drummer Teloc Coraxo is mentioned as being your brother. As silly as this question may seem, is he your brother in the legal, genetic sense or in the sense of being a metal brother bound by terrible oaths, having invoked by name the god-eating demons of the void?

Nice discription!!! hahaha! Yes, Teloc Coraxo is my real ligitimate and family genetic brother. He's the older brother too! haha! For the record, Teloc Coraxo actually means 'death thunder' in enochian.

I am still tracking down a copy of the re-released demo’s Death by the Stormwizard and Iron Flames of Battle, but from the albums that I do have, id est, The Atlantean Wardragon, Pestilence from the Dragonstar, Sirian Storm, and the DVD release Alive in the Sirian Deathraid, I do believe that your music is utterly unique. There is nothing like it. Sure, there are thrash bands with blackened styles and black metal bands with thrashy tinges, but your music somehow transcends this narrowness of categorization. When I listen to All One of Doom or Destroyer or The Chaos Magician, besides my metalhead instinct to bang my head kicking into overdrive, I feel a sense of awe. Especially with Teloc Coraxo, you have a very raw and natural playing style which you have been adept at preserving in your recordings. I am at a loss to describe this perception clearly; perhaps you understand what I’m getting at?

Wow! I'm very flattered that you think of Blood Storm in that way, really! When I started Blood Storm back in 1994 I just wanted to make extreme metal from the very potent styles that have inspired me. Black metal, death metal, and thrash metal are my choosen paths of music. I love the occult and the obscure sciences from them, and it felt very natural to make extreme metal music in this way. Out of all the bands I love Necrovore is the most deep and potent of this feeling of extreme expression that has truely guilded me to take those steps into my music. Plus, there is my all time influences like Celtic Frost/Hellhammer, Voi Vod, Venom, Motorhead, Pentagram (Chile), Incubus(Florida) and early Nocturnus. There are heaps and tons of other great metal that has been in my soul since the begining for me too. I guess the combination is just simply correct for me to go. I feel that Blood Storm will always be that way. I don't see that changing any.

How about the new mythologico-occulto-metallick magickal opus and spellbook of Absu? I don’t say this about many things, but regarding the anticipated album Absu from Absu: I am going to shit all over everything from hyper-excitement; the walls, other people, even across galaxies and through dimensions, when this is released. That’s how excited I am.

Proscriptor is one of closest, and dearest comrades of occult metal tyranny. I feel the same excitement about the new long awaited album!!! ZOS KIA CULTUS! Absu has always been there for me. I owe Proscriptor, and Absu much thanks for their help and support of me!

A friend of mine told me that you are of Syrian descent, and thus your frequent referencing of Sirius is just a veiled nod to your homeland; he said that you disguise it due to the hostile politico-social climate existing in the States regarding the Middle East. Is this true?

Now that's A funny story! haha! Interesting how your friend came to this conclusion? There is as much truth in that as the old saying that "The moon is made of green cheese". I'm of German and Irish decent. Born and raised in the Kensington section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvainia, all of my 38 years on this earth.

Lastly, what is your stance on, and/or experience with, psychedelic compounds such as psilocybin (magic mushrooms), lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), mesaline (peyote), et caetera? This is a stock question of mine, that I have asked everyone.

I've never tried any drugs. I don't drink, or smoke either, for that matter. I know and I'm very well aware that all these drugs are in use with occult practices, and all kinds of meditations, ect. It's just not for me really. i don't feel the need to have to take any drugs to get the results out of the occult studies that I've formulated to experience on my own. To each his own magic 100%!!! I do not look down at all at anyone that uses these drugs for the occult practices. I just haven't seen myself getting involved in that end of things. I know many of people who have been quite successful with mushrooms and LSD trips during meditation rituals. I find them interesting of course! I don't doubt them at all. But it's just not something I'm looking to do. I'd like to end this by saying THANK YOU very much for your support in Blood Storm! All the best to you in your journies into the nightside of Eden!!! A quote from one of Kenneth Grant's books: "Every man and every woman is A star'-and is sentient, and thus, A man...."

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