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Interview with Roth of Crackdust - Gabarone, Botswana

You hail from the city of Gaborone, the capital of Botswana. On your site, you mention that the three of you were displaced around the country, separated across 500km; also, that the Deranged Psychopath single was recorded before this happened. Are you still spread out across the country, and does this hamper your efforts to create more Metal? When can I expect more material from Crackdust? Deranged Psychopath and Born of the Sorceror kick a fucking Wildebeest's ass!

The situation is as it was then. Well it certainly hampers our effort to make more music. We are currently working on the debut album and the aim is to release it before the end of 2007, there are about 13 tracks recorded with no vocals or solos. Once the whole recording is done, we expect post production to take lesser time. The distance is really fucking up the whole thing, but we’re not letting that fuck us up. In my opinion the album is gonna come out far heavier than the deranged era.

Tell me something about each of you, your background, and life in Botswana. I confess general ignorance of your nation, except that it is a former British protectorate and achieved independence on September 30, 1966.

Roth (vox, guitars) & S’Bond (bass) has known each other since 1996. Roth was in band called War Tog sometime back in the UK and the two have also been in a local group named Wrust before meeting up with Dlax( drums) to form Crackdust early 2006.

English is an official language in Botswana, but tell me about the Tswana language; how prevalent is the Tswana language, that is, is it widely used, or isolated to more rural areas? Or what?

Setswana as the language is called is very widely used throughout the country. It probably accounts for 71% of conversations in the country (well I wouldn’t know for certain, but that should give you an idea)

Is Crackdust a rare thing to come across in Botswana, or is Metal popular there? Does your proximity to South Africa mean that Metal is fairly well known in Botswana? I ask this because I am aware that South Africa has a fairly active Metal presence.

Crackdust is not necessarily a rare thing to come from Botswana. There are a few acts here that do metal, but the metal scene here is definitely infant. South Africa has not really been much of an influence as far as metal listenability is in Botswana. There have actually been two key elements influencing the current metal that is here. One was Metal Orizon; a local rock band from the early 90’s, another was a certain national radio presenter named ‘Brooks’ who has been playing metal on radio from the80’s to date.

You play Death Metal, but tell me what you guys think about other forms, such as: Black Metal; Doom Metal; Thrash Metal, et caetera. Who are your favorite bands? Where does your inspiration come from for playing Death Metal?

We’ve really listened to a range of metal and we still do as long as it sounds heavy and listenable. As individuals we have different bands we like, but Cannibal Corpse is tha thing man!!!

If I flew to Gaborone as a tourist or spy, where would you recommend that I visit? The Kalahari desert, Okavango delta, or just hang out in the city?

Get yourself high on something and you’ll probably make a better decision after that.

Have you sent copies of your Demented Psychopath single to any record labels? Have any expressed interest in Crackdust?

We haven’t sent anything to the labels. We are still working with what we have to finish the album and we’ll take it from there.

What's the story behind your name, Crackdust, anyway? Who thought of it and what the hell is it supposed to mean? When I heard of Crackdust, I thought of a hybrid of crack cocaine and Angel Dust. I suppose this is not what you guys were thinking of when you chose Crackdust.

When we left our previous band and after the final meeting with the other guys, when everybody was happy that the inevitable was done, Roth said something like “..... Out of the ashes of Wrust, emerges the most brutal band...”
In his high state and the words ringing in his mind, S’Bond was able to coin the name of the future band which its true meaning hasn’t really been questioned. An unstoppable insanity? maybe

In Botswana, is there conscription, that is, mandatory military service for a specified length of time, once a citizen has reached a certain age?


How often does Crackdust play live? Have you played all around Botswana, and in South Africa, or only in Gaborone? What is the crowd like at a Crackdust show in Botswana?

Crackdust hasn’t played live, but we have all played under different bands both locally and in South Africa.

What are the biggest social issues/problems in Botswana? What is the religious landscape of Botswana; what I mean is, what religion is predominant among the people? I conjecture that Christianity is popular, as Botswana is a former British protectorate. Also, please tell me about the traditional beliefs/religions of the people of Botswana.

Currently the biggest money consumer is HIV, you know, almost all the money is going to ARV companies and it looks like the epidemic is not about to disappear any sooner. Do you know what it’s like when having sex without a condom is equal to walking into a den of three week hungry lions?
As for religion, Christianity is quite popular but not the hardcore thing; we like our beer and varied sex. Traditional beliefs are not necessarily popular, but when the going gets tough most people resort to what they’ve seen or believes works.

Are you going to play in the States? If so, you can send me an advance-ticket!

We’ll give you a click when the time comes and of course an advance-ticket!!!

Please put out any information that you wish to, that I haven't addressed, for the edification of myself (since I'm probably the only one who reads my interviews).

None man, cheers, enjoy yourself and stay brutal!!!!


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