Tuesday, July 27

Gists and Jests, vol1, art2

I may have gained a closer understanding of one of Herr Nietzsche's complaints against Christianity in his work Antichrist. Namely, this observation is that the aforesaid religion is a "decadent," or "slave" religion. It is a religion that only has appeal for a man who is physically, mentally or spritually impoverished.

Jesus frequently appeals to those who are poor, wanting in material things, ill, or generally crestfallen. Where is the appeal to the strong and healthy? Or to the wise men and women of the world? Christianity seems to me to be a negation of evolution, in a sense, for it will gather the weak as a flock to overpower the individual. Thus the mass and morass of mankind lives on, while the strong or free is weeded out. I think I know where Mr. Nietzsche is coming from. Thus is Christianity a decadent religion with a slave morality.

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