Tuesday, July 27

Gists and Jests, vol1

Jesus' Message is ultimately one of anticipation of and preparation for the "Kingdom of God," or "Reign of God," or "endtimes." It is an eschatological message essentially. Thus Herr Rudolf Bultmann avers, anyway.
Join with Jesus and his message or die in eternal pain, in a nutshell. The promulgation of the message of Jesus is the symptom of the incipience of the last age, that is, the Age of Pisces, the fish, hence the latter's association with Jesus. Now that age has passed, thank Aiwass!

But when do we get our time, our two millenia? We are the adversary, or Satan, in our individuality and iconoclasm. We are freethinkers who cannot abide that power to judge and deem truth as true reside in the impotent, wretched hands of the church and its auxiliaries.

The sun of knowledge is low, near the horizon, and casts a long shadow over a wide area of human science (science as in "knowledge"). I hope that this sun is rising, and not setting on a new dark age. Let us watch for the sun of knowledge to rise, for, as Heraclitus says "the sun is new each day."

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