Sunday, July 25

I have seen things come and seen things go.
When I clench my fist the winds speed to gale.
When I lie supine on the Earth to sleep,
My breaths quake all of the land.
I am great among the worlds,
But as small as the minutest mote of dust.
I am paradox and single, clearcut datum at once.
My thoughts are as swift as horses agallop,
Yet they run as deep as the deepest roots
Of the oldest oak.
I hate mankind but love everyman.
My life is a sadist's wet dream of torture,
But is as precious to me as the rarest gem
From a longlost lover.


Languid, slow-moving steady source
of the flowing waters of the Nile
River, representing my heart's force.
On this quest I march mile after mile.

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